About Zeta Sigma Chi


In 1991 at N.I.U., eight great women started something new…”

Sisterhood reimagined
Over 20 years ago, our eight “Mommy Chis” created an organization for women of EVERY background to come together as one. At the time, it wasn’t a popular concept, but they could see a need for an organization built to unite instead of divide. They believed that learning from each other — different cultures, different families, different backgrounds — would teach us that we are more alike than different and open us up to a new way of thinking.

They knew together as one would make a bigger impact, so then they added that Peach and Black.”

Sisterhood without borders… Culturally relevant
They couldn’t have been more right. Today, membership in Zeta Sigma Chi doesn’t just give you a sisterhood and a lifelong bond with women across the country… It opens doors to the world.
Have you ever been to a Quinceanera? Celebrated Yom Kippur? Learned traditional Native American basket-weaving or Chinese folk dance? Participated in an African drum circle, or attended a Kwanzaa celebration, festival of Diwali or a shrine on Setsubun?  Expand your world!


No, you don’t wanna,” and “No they’re not gonna’ accept you,” but you did it anyway…”

There are no cookie cutters here.
79 Ethnicities, 34 Nationalities, 12 Religions, One SISTERHOOD growing more diverse every day. At every chapter of ZSC, sisters embrace their differences and learn from women with radically different backgrounds from their own. Our sisterhood crosses the lines of race, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status and beyond — we don’t discriminate, we EMBRACE. That’s one of the reasons you’ll find our chapters at the forefront of social justice issues in their communities.

So as long as I live, I’m gonna’ give, and testify my life to that Z-Chi!”


Sisterhood for life. Don’t just live. Thrive.
The experiences we have as members follow us long after graduation, giving members a unique insight and cultural awareness that broadens our horizons, expands our worldview, and benefits us for the rest of our lives – personally and professionally.


Zeta Sigma Chi Multicultural Sorority, Inc. is a national sisterhood that aspires to create true, lifelong friendships among women of diverse heritages while upholding the values of our 8 founding mothers.

Our principles are:

Our principles are Education, Success, Culture, Service and Sisterhood.  Our organization embodies these principles in a number of ways:

Sisterhood – Zeta Sigma Chi is based on enduring friendships that are fostered between our members. Together as one, our sisters are able to develop a deep understanding of diverse cultures while building bonds that last a lifetime.

Multiculturalism – Our organization has been built by open-minded women who seek to learn about other cultures while teaching others about their own heritage. We believe multiculturalism is a philosophy that extends beyond race, ethnicity, or nationality, and that all women can contribute to, and learn from, the array of backgrounds within Zeta Sigma Chi.

Success in Education – Zeta Sigma Chi strives for academic success and high graduation rates among our members, who go on to excel in professions in a wide range of fields. Our sisterhood includes doctors, lawyers, television producers, authors, educators and many more women who are thriving in their careers – all of whom are able to provide guidance to our undergraduate and graduate members as they pursue their education.

Community Service – Zeta Sigma Chi seeks to uplift the communities and universities where our chapters reside, as well as around the world. Whether volunteering with local Ronald McDonald House Charities, or founding Building Botswana, a charity whose mission is to partner with local natives in rural Botswana to build hope for poverty-stricken communities, our sisters believe in making the world a better place.

Social Justice – As part of our commitment to community service, our members are actively encouraged to participate in domestic and international social justice causes. We believe activism is crucial in allowing our members to express their diverse ideas, as well as to improve the lives of people both inside and outside our organization. Our belief in this principle is reflected in our annual “Keeping the Dream Alive” Award, presented to sisters who pursue social justice issues with passion and dedication.


In 1990, eight women came together at Northern Illinois University to form a bond like no other. Zeta Sigma Chi’s founders – known today as “Mommy Chis” — sought to build a successful sisterhood that would unify women of different cultures, ethnicities, religions and backgrounds while helping members to achieve success through higher education. By bringing together strong women in sisterhood, our Founders also worked to educate the community at large about the ideals of multiculturalism while building friendships that would last a lifetime.

On March 3, 1991, Zeta Sigma Chi Multicultural Sorority, Inc. was founded by 8 Radiant Ladies:

Maribel Campa
Zandra Cortez
Sandra de la Roca
Veronica Escobar
Sandra Gomez
Jacqueline Herrera
Laura Murillo
Julie Sanders

Today, Zeta Sigma Chi continues the proud legacy that was initiated by our illustrious founders. Our organization is rapidly expanding nationwide, and our sisterhood is strengthened by a growing number of members who seek to build a TRUE sisterhood with open-minded women who are diverse in immeasurable ways. We continue to educate our communities through programs and events that celebrate diverse backgrounds and ideas.  We strive at all times to uplift our world at large by participating in social justice issues that affect the lives of people around the globe.

As our world grows more diverse, so will Zeta Sigma Chi. We invite ALL women to seek membership with our organization, as we shall seek ALL women to maintain the dream of our founders: The dream of spreading multiculturalism and sisterhood around the world.


Letters: ZΣX (Zeta Sigma Chi)

Nickname: Z-Chis (Pronounced “Zeek-eyes”)

Colors: Peach and Black

Symbol: Unicorn

Motto: “Keeping the Dream Alive”

Flower: Peach Rose

Credentials: Zeta Sigma Chi Multicultural Sorority Inc. is a nationally insured 501(c)3 and a 501(c)7 non-profit, social/service organization.


Zeta Sigma Chi participates in philanthropic activities on a local and national basis. Our chapters consistently provide time  to and donations for charities in their respective communities. Additionally, Zeta Sigma Chi supports the Ronald McDonald House Charities and the National Association for Multicultural Education (NAME) on a national basis.

The Ronald McDonald House Charities

“A Home-Away-From-Home”
The idea behind Ronald McDonald House is simple: provide a “home-away-from-home” for families of seriously ill children who are receiving treatment at nearby hospitals.

Some children need to travel great distances to get the medical attention they need. In-hospital treatment may last one day, one year, or even longer. For the families of these children, accommodations can be hard to come by; options are often limited to costly hotels or unforgiving hospital chairs and benches.

The Ronald McDonald house provides a comfortable, supportive alternative for these families. It serves as a temporary residence near the medical facility where family members can sleep, eat, relax and find support from other families in similar situations. In return families are asked to make donations ranging from $5 to $20 per day; if that isn’t possible, their stay is free.

National Association for Multicultural Education (NAME)

The founders of NAME envisioned an organization that would bring together individuals and groups with an interest in multicultural education from all levels of education, different academic disciplines, and from diverse educational institutions and occupations. NAME today is an active, growing organization, with members from throughout the United States and several other countries. Educators from pre-school through higher education and representatives from businesses and communities comprise NAME’s membership. Members in 22 states have formed NAME chapters, and more chapters are currently being organized.

The achievement of NAME’s goals and objectives is supported by funds from membership, conference registration fees, and the volunteer work of members. As the organization’s membership increased, NAME was incorporated as a nonprofit organization, developed a publication on multicultural education, and established a national office. NAME continues to host national and international conferences and provides leadership in national and state dialogues on equity, diversity and multicultural education.


As Zeta Sigma Chi works to empower women and diverse communities, our sisterhood holds a commitment to social justice and activist causes near our chapters and around the world. You can find Zeta Sigma Chi members marching to have their university observe Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, attending Occupy Wall Street protests, helping to build schools for children in Botswana, working in various capacities for immigrants’ rights, and participating in a variety of other humanitarian efforts. We believe the collective voice of our sisters can be used as a powerful tool to help uplift and progress our society.

Sisterhood Stories

Check out our sisterhood!



Chapter of the Year: Delta Chapter
Ms. Zeta Sigma Chi: Andrea Lozada (Delta)
Alumna of the Year: Leona Whitney Beatty (Delta)


Chapter of the Year: Epsilon Chapter
Most Improved Chapter: Delta Chapter
Highest Chapter GPA: Zeta Chapter
Highest Individual GPAs: Jeni Campos (Beta), Tomi Ogundimu (Delta), Nagmeh Shariatmadar (Epsilon), Kimberlee Wilson (Zeta)
Ms. Zeta Sigma Chi: Nagmeh Shariatmadar (Epsilon)
Alumna of the Year: Sheena Harrison (Delta)
Peach Rose of Distinction: Shelly Anarado (Epsilon), Piali Bandyopadhyay (Zeta), Kimberly Sampson (Epsilon) and Charʼly Renee Thomas (Epsilon)


Chapter of the Year: Epsilon Chapter
Highest Chapter GPA: Eta Chapter
Highest Individual GPA: Cherine Foty (Epsilon)
National Scholarship: Cherine Foty (Epsilon)


Chapter of the Year: Epsilon Chapter
Ms. Zeta Sigma Chi: Kimberly Leong (Epsilon)


Chapter of the Year: Epsilon Chapter


Highest Chapter GPA: Xi Chapter
Highest Individual GPA: Suzanne Adjogah (Xi)
National Scholarship: Suzanne Adjogah (Xi)


Chapter of the Year: Xi Chapter
Highest Chapter GPA: Xi Chapter
Highest Individual GPA: Danielle Baughman (Xi)
National Scholarship: Emily Thach (Xi)
Ms. Zeta Sigma Chi: Jessica Cornwell (Epsilon)
Alumna of the Year: Jaclyn McAfee (Epsilon)
Neo of the Year: Brooke Shaw (Epsilon)


Chapter of the Year: Xi Chapter
Ms. Zeta Sigma Chi: Jamie Lewis  (Epsilon)
Alumna of the Year: Chanel Hampton  (Epsilon)
Neo of the Year: Drew Holdwick  (Epsilon)


Chapter of the Year: Omicron Chapter
Highest Chapter GPA: Beta Chapter
Highest Individual GPA: Bona Hong (Xi)
National Scholarship: Dez’area Adams (Omicron)
Ms. Zeta Sigma Chi: Alisha Lineswala (Xi)
Alumna of the Year: Mirella Perez de Rivera (Mu)
Neo of the Year: Shakera Reed (Omicron)
Keeping the Dream Alive Award: Saman Waquad (Lambda Associate)


Chapter of the Year: Xi Chapter
Highest Chapter GPA: Theta Chapter
Highest Individual GPA: Alexandra Lexx Luthor Mills (Theta Chapter)
National Scholarship: Ashley Olson (Xi Chapter)
Ms. Zeta Sigma Chi: Erica Williams (Gamma Chapter)
Alumna of the Year: Veronica Esquivel-Paz (Gamma Chapter)
Neo of the Year: Samantha Sokoll (Lambda Associate Chapter)
Keeping the Dream Alive Award: Nagmeh Shariatmadar (Epsilon Chapter)


Chapter of the Year: Beta Chapter
Highest Chapter GPA: Rho Chapter
Highest Individual GPA: Hannah Ekeh (Rho Chapter)
National Scholarship: Danielle Bates (Lambda Chapter)
Ms. Zeta Sigma Chi: Samantha Sokoll (Lambda Chapter)
Alumna of the Year: Rosilyn Chirayath (Theta Chapter)
Neo of the Year:Hannah Ekeh (Rho Chapter)
Keeping the Dream Alive Award: Brittany Reyes (Xi Chapter)


Chapter of the Year: Mu Chapter
Highest Chapter GPA: Xi Chapter
Highest Individual GPA: Heather Sauer (Beta Chapter)
National Scholarship: Katrina Solomon (Omicron Chapter)
Ms. Zeta Sigma Chi: Marie Sterling Silver (Rho Chapter)
Alumna of the Year: Julia Wilkins (Sigma Chapter)
Neo of the Year: Raquel Monge (Sigma Chapter)
Keeping the Dream Alive Award: Eliseba Osore (Theta Chapter)


It is the goal of Zeta Sigma Chi to support our membership.  As such, our affinity groups allow like minded sisters to come together to networking and fun across a myriad of different interests and ideas!  Get involved today!

Affinity Groups

Latina Sorors
African-American/Black Sorors
Arab/Middle Eastern Sorors
Asian Sorors
African Sorors
Indian/Pakistani Sorors
European/European-American Sorors
Multi-Ethnic/Multicultural Sorors
Married Sorors
30 + Sorors
LGBTQ Sorors
Sorors interested in Social Justice
Sorors interested in Physical Fitness
Sorors interested in Grad School

Professional Networking Groups

Teachers/Educators/Education Administration/Higher Education Administration
Social Workers/Therapy
Physical Therapy
Government/ Political Science/International Studies
Human Resources
Biology/Microbiology/Medical Research
The Arts
Public Relations/Communications
IT Professionals
Health Care Administration
Public Health
Non-Profit/Administration/Community Development
Womens Studies/Ethnic Studies


The National Alumnae Association of Zeta Sigma Chi plays an important role in our sisterhood! Created to bridge the gap into lifelong membership, It’s our sincere hope that the association allows sisters to continue to be connected to our organization after graduation and beyond.

Our goal as an organization is to have EVERY sister become an Alumnae Association member – not just to continue your ties to our beloved organization, but also because you represent our highest honor of “Success in Education!” Whether attending alumnae networking meet-ups, sisters-only retreats and dinners, dancing all night at Founders’ Ball, or supporting our actives on campuses across country, our alums play a vital role in our sisterhood.

To learn more about our Alumnae Association and get involved, please contact


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Zeta Sigma Chi guest stresses need to encounter new ideas

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Dance supports sorority

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Smaller sororities strive for recognition

Radiance Week inspires discussion

Despite attempts at multiculturalism, Barbie ‘falling short’

Health Day Focuses on Sexual, Mental issues

Greeks on Greene point freshmen in the right direction


Check back here for more information on the Zeta Sigma Chi Multicultural Sorority, Inc 2013 National Convention in Atlanta!

National Convention:
Conventions are held Nationally in odd numbered years, regionally in even numbered years.

1999:  Greater Dekalb, IL area
2001: Lake Geneva, WI
2003: Baltimore, MD
2005: Austin, TX
2007: Miami, FL
2009: New Orleans, LA
2011: Las Vegas, NV
2013: Atlanta, GA

Founders’ Ball:
Founders’ Ball’s are held annually, on or about our founding date of March 3rd.

1992: Dekalb, IL
1993: Dekalb, IL
1994: Sycamore, IL
1995: Dekalb, IL
1996: Whitewater, WI
1997: Hammond, IN
1998: Lansing, MI
1999: East Lansing, MI
2000: Hammond, IN
2001: DeKalb, IL
2002: Detroit, MI
2003: Ypsilanti, MI
2004: Detroit, MI
2005: East Lansing, MI
2006: Chicago, IL
2007: Chicago, IL
2008: Detroit, MI
2009: Pittsburg, PA
2010: Indianapolis, IN
2011: Chicago, IL
2012: Detroit, MI
2013: Washington D.C.

Bi-Annual Sisterhood Retreat
Zeta Sigma Chi’s bi-annual Sisterhood Retreat is held in even-numbered years.

2006: Philadelphia, PA
2008: Washington D.C.
2010: Virginia Beach, VA
2012:  (Zeta Sigma Chi begins holding retreats on a regional basis)
Region 1: Waukegan, IL
Region 2: Sterling Heights, MI
Region 3: Fairfax, VA
Region 4: Sacramento, CA

Message from our President


Welcome to the national website of Zeta Sigma Chi Multicultural Sorority, Incorporated. Our sisterhood is one that is incredibly powerful, transformative and magnificent to all Sorors involved. Founded in 1991, we have been grounded in our core values that continue to stand strong in their meaning to each soror years after our founding. These core values are Education, Success, Culture, Service, and Sisterhood. These values are the foundation that ground our intentions, inspirations, and vision for this organization.

Zeta Sigma Chi is an organization working hard to create spaces where all can feel empowered to reach their highest potential and strive to create change that echoes throughout our society. On a personal note, I credit this organization for making me the woman that I am today. It gave me a space to learn where women can come together to grow, seek truth, and change the world by stepping into our power as leaders all while being grounded in an unshakable sisterhood. It gave me the love that is necessary in the pursuit of one’s dreams, remembering that when lost you can always turn to your Sorors to bring you back home. Most importantly, it offered me the power, insight, and ability to find my voice. As a collective, we are constantly in the pursuit of what is just, what is right, and what is needed for all in this lifetime. As a sisterhood nearing 1,000 members we recognize that we cannot do this alone and we need the support of each other. This bond creates the power in this organization that pushes us forward in the pursuit of our dreams.

On behalf of our sisterhood, I welcome you to our website to learn more about the work that we do and our sisterhood.

Thank you,
Brittany Reyes
National Board President

  • How do you become a member of Zeta Sigma Chi? The easiest way to get an answer to that question is to ASK A MEMBER! They are easy to find, either while walking about on campus with their letters on, or at the many events they plan on campus each semester. Each sister is ready and willing to discuss our sisterhood with interested ladies, and can give you further information about their RUSH schedules. Also, make sure you go to the individual chapter websites and facebook pages to learn more about their individual event schedules!

  • Is Zeta Sigma Chi right for me?

    If you are an undergraduate woman who…
    * Wants to promote multiculturalism and diversity on your campus
    * Is dedicated to success in education
    * Has at least a cumulative 2.5 GPA
    * Gives back to your community
    * Participates in student organizations
    * Is interested in a sorority that accepts ALL women no matter what culture, ethnicity, religion, or background . . .

    Then ZSC is what you have been looking for!!!

    Zeta Sigma Chi is one of the oldest multicultural sororities in the nation… so what does this mean to you?
    •Zeta Sigma Chi is a national organization with a 22 year track record of organizational excellence.
    •In addition to undergraduates, our membership consists of many experienced alumnae who are established in their careers. These members have helped undergraduate members with internships, career advancement, job placement and a variety of other career development areas.
    •Zeta Sigma Chi values QUALITY over QUANTITY.
    •Zeta Sigma Chi has the empowering principles of Education, Success, Culture, Service, and Sisterhood.
    •These ideas promote a strong sense of dedication in our members.
    •Members truly strive to promote these ideals within their own lives, at their universities, and in their communities.
    •These ideas provide a strong foundation to members once they begin their careers in the global workforce.
    •Zeta Sigma Chi provides solid, strong support to each of its entities at the Interest Group, Colony, Associate Chapter, Chapter and Alumnae Association levels.
    •Frequent and specialized national programming allows members to receive the utmost quality updates about new happenings and requirements within the organization.
    •Z-Chi chapters share a very strong sense of inter-chapter support.
    •Distance is rarely an issue. Sisters travel from coast to coast to support each other’s chapters.  In fact, they value being able to see the country thru sisterhood!
    •Zeta Sigma Chi’s Alumnae Association provides alumnae the opportunity to continue their involvement with the sorority through:
    Networking events
    Social activities
    Service Events
    Mentoring Opportunities
    Updates about sorority happenings all over the country

  • Thank you for your interest in Zeta Sigma Chi! We are always interested in sharing our Radiant multicultural sisterhood with interested ladies at other colleges and universities.

    If you…
    •Share in the ideal of promoting multiculturalism/diversity on your campus
    •Hold a high dedication to success in education
    •Believe in giving back to the community that surrounds you
    •Would like to be involved in a sorority that accepts ALL women no matter what culture, ethnicity, religion, or background you are
    •Hold a 2.5 GPA or above
    •Have successfully completed at least 12 credits at a college or university
    •Are looking for a sisterhood that believes in all of the above…

    …then Zeta Sigma Chi may be the sisterhood you are looking for! If you are interested in starting a chapter of our Radiant sorority on your campus please fill out our contact form, and our National Director of Expansion will contact you with information on how to start Z-Chi at your university.

    How long is the process of establishing a chapter?
    There is no set amount of time the process takes, as it is highly dependent on the women who are attempting the task. Starting an Associate Chapter is a challenging and rewarding experience. You are bringing an organization like no other to your university, and that is priceless.

    What fees are involved?
    As with any other Greek organization, there are certain fees that are required during the process. Fundraising for these fees is highly recommended. ZSC works with groups to create flexible payment plans. All fees submitted during the process are given back to the members in a number of ways. We do acknowledge and support varying socioeconomic situations and are willing to work with interested ladies to ensure you can pursue establishing a chapter under the right circumstances.

    Do I have to travel?
    ZSC is a national organization with chapters all across the country. Traveling is essential in ensuring that you create bonds and relationships with sisters.

    Can I use symbols of Zeta Sigma Chi?
    No. The use of Zeta Sigma Chi letters, colors, symbols and nicknames prior to initiation into the organization is frowned upon. Members have worked hard to earn this privilege. Please respect their efforts.

    What is the next step?
    The next step you can take is starting an official interest group. An interest group is a group of women who share the goal of establishing the sorority on their campus. A minimum of ten women is needed to establish an official interest group, but it is highly recommended that more than ten women join. To pursue starting an official interest group, please complete our Contact Form.

  • What is a Sorority?
    A sorority is a women’s student organization that is formed chiefly for service and/or social purposes. A sorority provides academic enhancement, friendship, development of leadership skills and the opportunity to serve the community. As a national organization, a sorority generates personal and professional growth through networking and participating in other activites well beyond your college years.

    A Sorority Is…
    •A life-long support system that provides career opportunities and networking opportunities during and well beyond your college years
    •A national organization that values philanthropy and community service
    •A Group where women  learn to be leaders
    •A Family where you will meet amazing friends who will always be there for you when you need them
    •A fun and exciting group that enjoys a wide variety of social events

    A Sorority Is NOT…
    •A group that values your looks and wardrobe above all else
    •A group of rich, spoiled and snobby girls that look the same and are only out to have a good time
    •People that will haze you and make you do things against your will
    •A place that is only interested in your money where you buy new friends

    What is an Active Member? 
    A member who has been initiated into lifelong fraternity or sorority membership and participates in chapter activities at the collegiate level.

    What is an Alumni/Alumnae?
    Initiated fraternity or sorority members who have graduated from college.

    How do you know which is right for you?  Why do you want to belong to a Sorority?
    This is a very important question that needs to be taken seriously and should be well thought out. Is there any one right answer? Absolutely not!

    RESEARCH!!! Being a part of a sorority is a life-time commitment and you need to know what you are getting into.  Get on your campus’s website and research the local chapters. What types of community service do they do? What other campus organizations do they belong to? Get on the inter/national organizations’ websites. What are their missions? What types of leadership development do they offer?  

    How do you meet the members of the sorority you wish to belong to?
    Nothing works better than to get out and about on the campus. Our members are extremely active all over campus! They are members of other organizations from RA’s, to student government, from culture specific groups to honors organizations. So if you see us on campus say hello!   Also, come to our events and activities.  If you only come to RUSH week, you have not given us the chance to get to know you.  And when you speak with us, be yourself and ask questions!  This helps the conversation and is a sign of your interest.

    What is the sorority looking for in a member?
    Well the answer to this could be a number of things, but for the most part someone who is going to be dedicated, focused and well rounded. If you are not, then at least be willing to be the best person you can be.  It is often said that once you join a sorority you are buying friends, but the truth is you are building a bond of life long friendships and experiences that will be with you forever, in most cases.  We all were founded by strong, focused women.  Imagine being involved in something that may be as old as your grandmother or even your great-grandmother. The bottom line is just like in life, Greek life is what YOU make of it. One thing we do stress is, please keep your reputation intact. A horrible reputation can follow you forever!!  Remember once you are a member of any organization you represent all of its members and in turn, they represent you.

    Is rush a selective process?
    Yes. Interested women will take part in a rush period through which Zeta Sigma Chi members will assess each individual’s qualifications.

    What fees are involved?
    As with any other Greek organization, there are certain fees that are required during the process. Fundraising for these fees is highly recommended. ZSC works with groups to create flexible payment plans. All fees submitted during the process are given back to the members in a number of ways.

    What I don’t have the grades to become a member?
    Well that’s easy, WORK ON THEM!!  Your education is first and foremost…. Not just to become a member of a sorority, but for yourself. That is why you are in college in the first place!

    “I want to be popular!”
    If this what you want, you are DEFINITELY not ready to become Greek. Being a member of a sorority is not just about the wearing letter and representing. It is about uplifting yourself, your sisters and the community at large.

    There is a stereotype that women who are in sororities are just paying to have friends.
    Women who are in sororities do make new friends but they have other friends as well. There are so many ways to make new friends in college that there is no way that sorority women just have friends in their own sorority.  Be mature in your decision making. Be realistic about which women you feel most comfortable with, and do not be swayed by others’ opinions.

    Can I rush if I am a senior?
    Membership to Zeta Sigma Chi extends far beyond the college years. Seniors who are selected to establish a chapter are expected to commit one year to their own chapter or regional expansion and development. Seniors should also be advised that the process of establishing a chapter could proceed beyond their graduation date.

  • Zeta Sigma Chi is a non-hazing organization that believes in treating members and prospective members with respect and dignity. Take a look at our anti-hazing policy to learn more about Zeta Sigma Chi’s stance against hazing. Zeta Sigma Chi Anti Hazing Policy

    1. All acts of hazing or harassment, both physical and mental, shall be expressly prohibited.

    2. A woman will not be subject to any act of hazing or harassment in connection with or during her initiation into membership in the Sorority.

    3. The Sorority does not consent to, condone, acquiesce in or tolerate any act of hazing, harassment or humiliation in the Membership Intake Program’ nor will the Sorority be responsible or liable for any damages, claims or actions based upon the conduct of any individuals, groups or associations purporting to perform any acts in the name of the Sorority or purported to be in any way connected with initiation into membership in the Sorority. All of our membership, both active and associate members are required to affirm in writing that they understand, abide by, and ensure that members of our respective chapters abide by the above policy. For any violation, the Zeta Sigma Chi National Board, as well as the chapter’s educational institution, after appropriate investigation and process, may impose sanctions up to and including suspension or non-recognition of members and/or the chapter as a whole.

  • So your daughter, sister or friend is looking into becoming a member of Zeta Sigma Chi… and you have questions!  Fear not, and take a look at the valuable info below:

    Q: Is membership expensive?
    A: There is a cost of membership to be in a sorority, as there is with most clubs and organizations that people join. However, it is not prohibitive. In fact, most girls are able to fundraise most or all of their dues. Additionally, our members receive numerous benefits (including academic support, scholarship opportunities, leadership development, community service activities and more) that vastly outweigh the costs.

    Q:  Will my daughter’s membership in ZSC effect our family?
    A: Membership in ZSC is an experience not only for your daughter, but also for those around her. As her family and friends, you will get the chance to see your loved one grow and develop through her ZSC experiences, as well as be invited to participate in some sorority fun yourself!

    Q: All I see on TV about sororities is drinking and partying – I don’t want my daughter involved in that!
    A: Television and movies typically don’t depict the real experiences that sorority women have while in college. When Hollywood portrays sorority women as ditzy, judgmental characters who are only about partying and shopping, it is only showing a negative stereotype.  Members of Greek life have been shown time and time again to be some of the most productive members of society!

    Q: Will my daughter be hazed?
    A: Zeta Sigma Chi is a non-hazing organization, and each chapter takes the issue of hazing very seriously. Our organization is designed to help members feel comfortable and grow throughout their lives. New-member education programs are in place to provide information on sorority life, history and traditions. Hazing has no part in this educational process and both members and associate members both sign documents agreeing not to haze or be hazed.

    National Greek Life Statistics
    • Over 800 campuses in the United States and Canada participate in Greek Life
    • There are over 9 million Greek members nationally
    • In the past five years, more than 100 colleges and universities have opened their doors for the first time to fraternities.
    • 71% of those listed in “Who’s Who in America” belong to a fraternity.
    • Of the nation’s 50 largest corporations, 43 are headed by fraternity men.
    • 85% of the Fortune 500 executives belong to a fraternity.
    • 40 of 47 U.S. Supreme Court Justices since 1910 were fraternity men.
    • 76% of all Congressmen and Senators belong to a fraternity.
    • Every U.S. President except eight born since the first social fraternity was founded in 1825 have been members of a fraternity.
    • 63% of the U.S. President’s Cabinet members since 1900 have been Greek.
    • A U.S. Government study shows that over 70% of all those who join a fraternity/sorority graduate, while under 50% of all non-fraternity/sorority persons graduate.
    • Less than 2% of an average college student’s expenses go toward fraternity dues. (U.S. Office of Education)
    • Over 85% of the student leaders on some 730 campuses are involved in the Greek community.
    • Largest and Most Visible Values-Based Organizations on Campus
    • Most Successful Leadership Development Program for College Students
    • Largest Network of Volunteers in the US
    • 10 Million hours of volunteer service annually
    • A National Conference report shows a high percentage of the 4,000 NIC fraternity chapters are above the All-Men’s scholastic average on their respective campuses.
    • The first Female Senator was Greek
    • The first Female Astronaut was Greek
    • All of the Apollo 11 Astronauts are Greek
    • Over $7 million is raised each year by Greeks nationally
    • 850,000 hours are volunteered by greeks annually
    • The Greek system is the largest network of volunteers in the US, with members donating over 10 million hours of volunteer service each year
    • 71% of those listed in “Who’s Who in America” belong to a fraternity
    • There are 123 fraternities and sororities with 9 million members total
    • There are 750,000 undergraduate members in 12,000 chapters on more than 800 campuses in the USA and Canada

    Additional Links on Greek Life:

    Examining the benefits of Greek Life

ZSC Chapters

Alpha Chapter

Alpha Chapter

Northern Illinois

DeKalb, Illinois
Founded: March 3, 1991

Beta Chapter

Beta Chapter

University of

Whitewater, Wisconsin
Founded: June 4, 1994

Gamma Chapter

Gamma Chapter

Purdue University

Hammond, Indiana
Founded: November 19, 1995

Delta Chapter

Delta Chapter

Michigan State

East Lansing, Michigan
Founded: March 31, 1996

Epsilon Chapter

Epsilon Chapter

University of

Ann Arbor, Michigan
Founded: November 14, 1999

Zeta Chapter

Zeta Chapter


Towson, Maryland
Founded: June 30, 2001

Eta Chapter

Eta Chapter

University of

Austin, Texas
Founded: March 29, 2003

Theta Chapter

Theta Chapter

University of
Maryland - Baltimore County

Baltimore, Maryland
Founded: May 2, 2004

Iota Chapter

Iota Chapter


Shippensburg, Pennsylvania
Founded: April 24, 2005

Kappa Chapter

Kappa Chapter

Wayne State

Detroit, Michigan
Founded: July 30, 2005

Lambda Chapter

Lambda Chapter


Rochester, Michigan
Founded: September 10, 2005

Mu Chapter

Mu Chapter

University of Wisconsin

Kenosha, Wisconsin
Founded: June 25, 2006

Nu Chapter

Nu Chapter


West Lafayette, Indiana
Founded: April 15, 2007

Xi Chapter

Xi Chapter

University of

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Founded: February 24, 2008

Omicron Chapter

Omicron Chapter

Eastern Michigan

Ypsilanti, Michigan
Founded: March 29, 2008

Pi Chapter

Pi Chapter

California State University,

Sacramento, California
Founded: May 1, 2011

Rho Chapter

Rho Chapter

University of
South Carolina

Columbia, South Carolina
Founded: August 21, 2010

Sigma Chapter

Sigma Chapter

University of California,

Davis, California
Founded: May 19, 2013

Tau Chapter

Tau Chapter

University of Wisconsin,

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Founded: April 13, 2014

California State University, Chico Associate Chapter

California State University, Chico Associate Chapter

Chico, California
Founded: April 26, 2015

Winthrop University Associate Chapter

Winthrop University Associate Chapter

Rock Hill, South Carolina
Founded: April 1, 2017

California State University, East Bay Associate Chapter

California State University, East Bay Associate Chapter

Hayward, California
Founded: April 16, 2017


2016-2017 National Board of Directors

Soror Brittany Reyes

Soror LaShauna Nesmith

Director of New Membership
Soror Keaunis Grant

Vice President
Soror Allie Boyd

Director of Public Relations
Soror Alexandria Wilson

Director of Undergraduate Affairs & Alumnae Relations
Soror Charisse Green

Soror Amber Shinn

Director of Expansion
Soror Shokiah Williams

Regional Board Leadership


President - Soror Heather Sauer (Beta Chapter) |

Vice President - Soror Olivia Kelly (Beta Chapter) |

Secretary - Soror Rosilyn Chirayath (Theta Chapter) |

Treasurer - Soror Lauren Costello (Mu Chapter) |

Director of Undergraduate Affairs - Soror Karina Tomei (Beta Chapter) |

Director of New Membership - Soror Kiana Hester (Alpha Chapter) |

Director of Expansion - Soror Olivia Jade Kelly (Beta Chapter) |

Director of Public Relations - Soror Crystal MorningStar Johnson (Beta Chapter) |

Director of Alumnae Relations - Soror Natalia Hernandez (Beta Chapter) |


President – Soror Mia Treadway (Omicron Chapter) |

Vice President – Soror Jessica Houston (Omicron Chapter) |

Secretary – Soror Vicki Patton (Omicron Chapter) |

Treasurer – |

Director of Undergraduate Affairs – Soror Meilani Wilder (Lambda Chapter) |

Director of New Membership – |

Director of Expansion – |

Director of Public Relations – Jewell Johnson (Omicron Chapter) |

Director of Alumnae Relations – Soror LaSonja Hansford (Omicron Chapter) |


President – Soror Ericka Prokop (Rho Chapter) |

Vice President – Soror Shanelle Grier (Theta Chapter) |

Secretary – Ericka Prokop (Rho Chapter) |

Treasurer – LaShauna NeSmith (Rho Chapter) |

Director of Undergraduate Affairs – Erika Kotroba (Xi Chapter) |

Director of New Membership – LaTasha “Sekina” Harden (Omicron Chapter) |

Co-Directors of Expansion – Soror Chika Allen (Rho Chapter) |

Director of Public Relations – Soror Breanna Long (Rho Chapter) |

Director of Alumnae Relations – Soror Chanelle “Chay” Jones (Theta Chapter) |


President – Soror Sofia Perez (Sigma Chapter) |

Vice President – Soror Rakiaya Mixon (Pi Chapter) |

Secretary – Soror Lilia Hernandez (Pi Chapter) |

Treasurer – Soror Ileana Grates (Pi Chapter)) |

Director of Undergraduate Affairs – Soror Christina Ridley (Pi Chapter) |

Director of New Membership – Shokiah Williams (Pi Chapter) |

Director of Expansion – Soror Shirley Estupinan (Sigma Chapter) |

Director of Public Relations – Soror Gloria Mendez (CSU Chico Associate Chapter) |

Director of Alumnae Relations – Soror Brianna McGilbra (Pi Chapter) |

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