Zeta Sigma Chi Multicultural Sorority, Incorporated is the first nationally incorporated multicultural sisterhood in the Midwest and the third in our country. Multiculturalism, integration, justice, and equity are included in the very pillars of our Sisterhood. While history has certainly borne witness to the existence of injustice and inequity in America, the media has brought to light many injustices created by institutionalized racism. The birth of Zeta Sigma Chi sought to combat the very institutions that created and maintain a space, culture, and society in which we see such injustice.

In 2014, the notions of multiculturalism, integration, justice, and equity are still controversial and not fully accepted across our country. Many believe America to be a “post-racial” and “equal” society, yet the heightened level of media coverage of what many marginalized communities suffer on a daily basis, has opened the eyes of many in our country—and calls on us to do more. The lifespan of a Black man is not guaranteed, racist and classist systems allow immigration reform to still face roadblocks and attacks, communities of people are seen as mascots, transgendered individuals are not safe, same sex couples still do not have equal rights, women still see the glass ceiling, lack of financial wealth or stability still means lack of access. Patterned systemic oppression resulting in the loss of lives, the denial of rights and opportunity, and the mockery of cultures are all acts Zeta Sigma Chi stands strongly against, in solidarity with all those who are oppressed and fighting for equity. We stand against every –ism that we see and know in our world to be true and exist.

Zeta Sigma Chi’s motto is “Keeping the Dream Alive.” We are founded upon these statements, we believe these to be true, and we will continue to actively working toward a more just, equitable, and inclusive society. As Sisters of this organization, we believe in, accept, and are prideful in our obligation and passion to ensure we “Keep the Dream Alive” and make this very dream—a dream that Dr. King, our Mommy Chi’s, and countless others have spoken of and suffered for, died for, and stand upon—a reality for all.

In solidarity with those against injustice,

The National Board of Zeta Sigma Chi