Date:   February 24, 2013

Joining a sorority was the last thing Cherine Foty had in mind as a second-semester Freshman in college. With so much already on her plate: grades to maintain, leadership positions in organizations to run, and work-study to keep her financial situation stable. But as the co-President of my dorm’s multicultural council, she worked closely with her Minority Peer Advisor, a woman of color with an excellent academic record, strong leadership positions on campus and principled stances on issues of social justice. She was applying for law school at the time, and law was the field I wished to and later did enter. Cherine was surprised to find out that she was a member of a sorority on campus that was putting on an event called the “One Love Show”. Cherine decided to attend the event and was so pleasantly by not only the cultural, racial and ethnic diversity of the women present, but more importantly by their strong commitment to success in education and their eloquence and professionalism. She had never seen a sorority with such strong ideals.

It was at that point that she decided to pursue membership in Zeta Sigma Chi Multicultural Sorority, Incorporated. It was a choice that she says have never regretted. “It has permitted me to be constantly surrounded by professional, culturally diverse women, committed to community service and social justice. I have been intellectually stimulated, introduced to cultures that I was previously unfamiliar with, and made my best friends in this organization. I have discovered myself to be a part of a nationwide network of women with ideals and principles so similar to my own despite our varied backgrounds. I received career advice, mentorship and life lessons from those members who came before me. As an undergraduate, it allowed me to be integrated into a strong community where I was able to continue to excel academically, continue to be a leader on campus and continue to stay true to myself and where I come from. Now as a practicing lawyer and law professor, I still remain very much involved with the organization, am still best friends with my sorors and am proud to see Zeta Sigma Chi still thriving nationwide and internationally.”

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