Date:   February 27, 2013

Soror Jeanine Abuahmad, born in Houston, Texas and raised in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, defines multiculturalism. She says “Being from two different cultures (Mexican-American and Palestinian) and moving overseas opened my mind to new experiences and diverse people. And while I never dreamed of joining a sorority, Zeta Sigma Chi has allowed me to continue to learn about my world and embrace every aspect of it.”

“I happened to be training for a new job with a very eloquent, thoughtful,passionate, funny, and extremely intelligent RADIANT lady (Soror Erica King) as my mentor. When she wore her letters to work one day, I was shocked that she was in a sorority, as I had only heard negative things about Greek life thus far. She quickly broke it down for me, what her ‘sisterhood’ meant to her, and the following semester crossed into the Land of Peach and Black. I learned to open my mind to a sisterhood filled with supportive and incredible women like my pledge mother, I learned to live radiantly and put my best foot forward all while keeping my letters in mind.”

“Since I crossed, I have been in every position of the sorority and I have served them with zeal and experience is the best teacher! I accepted an award for highest GPA as a chapter at the Founder’s Ball in Chicago and at a banquet in May of this year, so I know my sisters are doing their part in living up to SUCCESS in education, and that has been the greatest honor. I learned the importance of time management, how to network on campus, how to connect with other Greeks and non-Greeks, and ultimately, I learned that the dedication of 8 great women in Illinois and every Radiant Lady thereafter has allowed this organization to thrive and become as beautiful as it is today.”

  • Abuahmad