Date:   February 24, 2013

Soror Brittany Reyes of Xi Chapter has been involved with community service for as long as she remembers. Her family jokes that she was active since she was in her stroller as her mom toted her to the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. This summer, Brittany worked at two non-profit organizations. She served as the Development Intern at the Capital Area Immigrants Rights Coalition (CAIR) in Washington, D.C. and as the Communications Director at Secure the Call, located in Maryland. A typical day at CAIR for Brittany involves educating people about the unfair situations that immigrants are facing, particularly with a focus on immigrant children between the ages of 14 and 17. “The never-ending fight of social justice is who I am and everything I aim to achieve in life. It is the purpose and mission that gives me the never-ending encouragement to fight for what matters in this lifetime. I am just lucky enough to be surrounded by my sisters who will never show me anything but relentless support in my dreams.”

“The incredible thing about Zeta Sigma Chi is that we are a group of strong women all committed to the same values and beliefs in moral righteousness. The fact that we have such a strong ability to work together to affect the world we live within is a powerful tool. I never doubt that when I propose a question to any sister in any chapter – that not only can we figure out a way to make a change – we will discuss our abilities to encourage this change together.”

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