Date:   February 24, 2013

Soror Naomi Baldwin, the deuce of Iota Chapter’s founding line emInence, has always wanted to help better the lives of others. She has always been interested in education and wanted to be a teacher ever since she was in second grade. Naomi enjoyed her major and had a fantastic time student teaching, but instead of teaching she ended up traveling the world while working on cruise ships. Eventually, she decided to live in South Africa where she volunteered at a preschool and after school program for kids affected with HIV/AIDS. It was during her travels through southern Africa that she came across a small rural village in Botswana that inspired her to create a non-profit organization called Building Botswana. Naomi says, “The people of this village took me in and gave me a place to stay, cooked for me over a small fire (they have no running water or electricity) and looked after me without asking for anything in return. I was amazed at how happy the children in the community were, even though their only toys are old wheels and dirty juice boxes they found in the trash.”

Building Botswana’s mission is to partner with locals in rural Botswana to build hope for poverty-stricken communities. Its projects provide an outlet for community members to be involved with creating a positive environment for their future. Building Botswana’s main project is to build a school in the village of Pandamatenga. There is only one school in this sprawling village, and many children walk up to 6.7 kilometers to get there. Until the construction of the school is complete, the organization is funding a school bus to transport the children to their current school so they do not have to make such a long commute.

Naomi is very proud to be a part of a sorority that as a whole genuinely cares about humankind and social justice. She says, “It is evident that we have been blessed with numerous women who clearly strive to make a difference in our world. This is an organization that does not discriminate against others, a place where you can be yourself and meet others who inspire, encourage and support you through both personal and professional endeavors.”

  • Baldwin